Dear friends,

we have been looking forward to it for quite a while - 2 weeks of holidays at the baltic sea,

„and nothing is going to stop us - it´s a promise !“

You guess what happened ? The humans make a last minute decision to go to the dutch Clubshow !

But, as they say, you got to make the best of it, and we managed to do so.

Read about the „small thing“ here, i managed to come second in a very strong champion class and later on even won the res.CAC.

Congratulations also to Kandy and Gypsy who both won their respective groups and more so to little Edda, who really had a lot of competition and came first !

Now for the holidays !!

It was not our first  time on the baltic sea (Well, it was for Fidel) but to me it´s always great being there,  i love it.

Beautiful beaches, lots of water to swim in, birds to chase along the beach - next time i will  stay ! As i said, it was the first time for the „small thing“ and he too enjoyed himself tremendously

(Of course he follows me around all the time and tries to do as i do - so what)

We have seen big ships, travelled on big ships and Fidel learned how to jog next to a bicycle.

(The humans were a bit nervous about it, thought he would topple somebody over)

We went to several islands, to several cities and the humans relaxed and got a bit of a tan - a good start for the summer ahead of us !

Good news coming in from Italy and France, check out the kids results